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Xiangyang Dongjing Bridge monitoring snapped
publish:2017-05-12 20:28:34 Origin:默认站点(英文)
Xiangyang city, east of tianjin bridge is the main river channel, xiangyang city road closed loop frame to construct the city traffic, reduce the pressure on urban river, plays an important role.Bridge structure types from east to west is divided into: the east approach bridge, left channel, the approach span, right channel bridge, the bridge across the dike Kong Qiao, approach, YuLiangZhou ramp bridge in the west bank and the pedestrian non-motor vehicles ramp bridge.

To ensure the normal traffic bridge, inseparable from the comprehensive monitoring system.
Revitalization of the optical communication bridge using 40 units industrial-grade gigabit backbone network switches, built a high-speed, redundant network security, such as video surveillance, traffic control, charging system provides a reliable data transmission platform.

Zhenxing  Ethernet switches for tianjin east bridge building a high performance network system, in order to meet the requirements of modern Bridges in complex communication system.The revitalization of optical communication using mature concept in the field of intelligent transportation and industrial control as the foundation, the construction of the comprehensive monitoring system for bridge traffic safety provides the most reliable guarantee.
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