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Zhenxing 2017 New Year's banquet
publish:2017-01-16 14:00:00 Origin:默认站点(英文)
Beaming New Year party!
On January 6, 2017, Zhenxing "set sail, win-win the Year of the Rooster,  new year annual paryty was held in the Minglan Hotel,qiu-sheng zhou the general manager of Zhenxing with company executives and staff together, spend the festival.
Efforts and hard work, the result belongs to every one of the zhenxing staff, Zhenxing's future will be even more brilliant tomorrow.
Zhenxing staff achievements over the past year, all cannot leave the Zhenxing staff hard work, general manager outstanding employee award honorary certificate to the company.
We Zhenxing staff in the work performance is outstanding, not only on the talent show is not general, dancing, recitation, opusculum, little game, had a colleagues here and sometimes laugh, sometimes cheers...The venue, the remarkable skill on stage, in a peaceful, the revitalization of the people the charm and charisma of light at this moment never put off till tomorrow what you can show, very bright, the New Year full of joy and laughter, passion and power...
Zhenxing 2017 annual party of new eventually ended in pieces of laughter, believe it is because we are in the past year's pay, will blossom at the end of the most gorgeous smile, we extend out thousand-fold kam, again into the New Year hundred foot pole, reviewing 2016, we together, we walked through the glorious 10 years, the outlook for 2017, the revitalization of the people will continue to be under the correct guidance of general manager qiu-sheng zhou "set sail, win-win in the Year of the Rooster,".