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Zhenxing Industrial switch use for Pingxing “Safety City”   construction
publish:2017-05-17 14:05:11 Origin:默认站点(英文)
Safe city "is the Pingxing city public security bureau of city alarm and monitoring system of construction project,it is government, politics and law committee, one of the key projects of comprehensive management of public, public security bureau. When completed, the key unit of pingxiang city's main streets, intersection, and important venues, village LouYuan in safe supervision within the scope of cover.
"Safe city" of the video monitoring system is a monitoring command center as the core, manage multiple monitor subordinates branch, covered the key parts of jurisdiction, the main point to point video monitoring network system of the link, the important place.The system is mainly composed of monitoring the front parts, network transmission parts, various monitoring platform.
Because the most point to point is outside, the environment is bad, due to the need of some products have moistureproof, lightning protection, preventing electromagnetic interference, shockproof, dustproof, wide temperature working features, the revitalization of communications industrial switches on the design and material selection are meet the needs of the industrial field as the goal, good to meet the characteristics listed above.This just makes the revitalization of communications products in the fierce competition among, successfully applied in jiangxi pingxiang "safe city" project.
Zhenxing industrial switches provide five years warranty, the customer don't have to worry about after-sale problems after purchase, but we have a guarantee of product quality.